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Homework Tasks

Here is where you will find information on weekly homework tasks. Homework is set on a Wednesday to be handed in to the class teacher the following Monday, allowing you a few weekdays and the weekend for completion. We recommend you spend twenty minutes completing homework, if you find a task particularly easy or difficult for your child, please leave a comment in the homework book for your child's teacher.

Homework due 16th September - write 5 facts you learned from Medieval Mike.

Homework due 23rd September -

Homework due 30th September - Draw a detailed picture of Robin Hood and surround it with at least 10 adjectives describing him.

Homework due Monday 7th October - Numeracy - this week we have been learning about multiplication. Write three multiplication word problems and calculate the answers. It would be great if they were Medieval themed.

Homework due in for Monday 14th October
Literacy - write a conversation between your new hero and villain for your Robin Hood style story. Remember to use the correct speech punctuation. The conversation can be about anythinhg. Try to use some alternative words for said.

Homework due in on Monday 11th November (Friday 8th November, if you would like to share your work).

Literacy task (Poetry) Write a spooky rhyming poem. On Friday, we are having a spooky reading day and there will be an opportunity to share your poem. Make it spooky and mysterious.

Homework due for Monday 18th November

This week's task is a numeracy task. At home, find food packaging with different weights. Choose 5 examples and write the weights in order. Which is the heaviest in your kitchen cupboards and which is the lightest? Challenge - can you work out the difference between the lightest and the heaviest?

Homework due in on Monday 25th November

This week in our writing, we have been focusing on myths and legends. For your homework, draw and annotate a setting. Remember that the scene should be appropriate to a myth and legend style story. Use powerful adjectives and your senses to annotate what you can see.

Homework due in on Monday 2nd November

Complete time themed activities set by your teacher on Education City.
Go to:
Click on 'Homework' then enter your pupil login and password

Christmas holiday homework

To support the big write in our school, each child has been given a new 'big write' book. Over the Christmas holidays we would like you to decorate it in any way you like. You could cover it in wrapping paper, stick on your own drawings or photos or decoupage your book. It is up to you. Please return the book to school on the first day back after the Christmas holidays. Your child's teacher will then label the book. Thank you.