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Admissions & Transfer



All children of the appropriate age who are resident in the school's catchment area have an automatic right of entry to the school where places are available. To find out if you live in the catchment area of our school please click on the link at the bottom of this page.


In September 2019, all children who will have their fifth birthday during the academic year 1st September 2018 to 31st August 2019, or the admission of children who live outside the catchment area of the school will, subject to availability of teaching resources and accommodation, be given appropriate consideration. Details of the application procedure to be followed in such cases may be obtained from the school office. Since recent Education Acts there is greater freedom of choice for parents when deciding which school they wish their children to attend. However, a discussion with the Head Teacher of their neighbourhood school is recommended as the first step.


Catchment area is one of the ways that places at schools are decided. There are other factors, such as whether a child has a brother or sister at the school or whether they have special educational needs. Religious or faith schools could use the religion of your child or family as a deciding factor. The admission rules.pdf below gives more detail about how places are decided.


If the school is oversubscribed you can put your child’s name down on the waiting (or continued interest) list at up to three schools. Please download the Continued Interest.pdf below.


Please find below a copy of Gateway Schools Admission Form but please note that if you would like your child/children to join Gateway School you will also need to apply via the County Council too.


Parents of children beginning their school lives at Gateway School are normally invited to visit the school with their children for sessions in the summer (TERM 6) prior to starting school in September.  Visits for the parents of other prospective pupils can be arranged through the school office.


Your home telephone number should be given to the school office when you enrol your child.  To enable us to contact you in the event of an emergency, please also provide a telephone number on which you can be contacted at work during the day.  Please ensure that the school office is kept informed of any changes to telephone numbers.


Transfer to another primary school


When news is first received of an impending move away, a withdrawal form should be collected from the school office and returned on completion.  This will enable staff to make the necessary arrangements for the transfer of documents and records to the child’s next primary school.


The school’s Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator (SENCo) will be informed of any child leaving who is in receipt of SEN provision.  National Curriculum records will be completed appropriately during the week before the child’s departure and will be forwarded to the receiving school.  Appropriate and representative examples of work and books which will be of use to the receiving teacher will be gathered in the week of the child’s departure, placed in a large envelope and given to the parent/carer. 


Transfer to the next stage of education


Children normally remain at the school until the end of the summer term (Term 6) of the year in which they are eleven on or before 31st August, after which they transfer to a secondary school.


Prior to transfer of children from the school, the parents/carers of all children concerned will receive a letter from the LA outlining the provision for secondary education in this area.  This letter is normally distributed in September.


The designated secondary school for this area is Carterton Community College, Upavon Way. 

Please click this link to take you to the Carterton Community College website



Admission Form