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Commando Joe's

Commando Joes:

At Gateway School we like to help develop the children as a 'whole' - not just academically. Commando Joes encourages child development through the RESPECT ethos (Resilience, Empathy, Self-awareness, Positivity, Excellence, Communication & Teamwork) and these traits are developed through a series of missions across a series of sessions. Teachers have been trained to deliver the high quality missions, supported by the Commando Joe mission kit! Children are set challenges linked to characters (including Steve Backshall, Nancy Wake, Amelia Earhart, Sir Ranulph Fiennes and many others!) - missions all begin with a mission briefing from Commando Joes HQ and with some initial guidance from teachers, the children engage on a series of challenges aimed to develop the 7 key areas that comprise RESPECT.


Children are challenged to 'think outside of the box', develop communication strategies and also learn how to cope when things don't go to plan. This gives children who might not always be the first to put their hand up, or willingly lead a group in a lesson come to the fore in such activities.


The character traits/values are referred to across all learning as well as whole school assemblies and praised in class when showing this trait.  Our values bring us together a school. 


For the years 2020 - 2022 we were grateful to receive funding from The Armed Forces Education Trust ( 


The COJO Character Curriculum is based upon the following 4 principles

1. Character development is a right for every child

2. Character education will empower young people

3. Character will inform the ethos, direction of learning and culture of the school

4. Character should be developed in partnership with staff, pupils and parents.


The ultimate aim of character learning is the development of good sense and capacity to ‘think and choose intelligently’ between alternatives and it is with this aim in mind that the COJO Character Curriculum is based. Encouraging children to think differently and more deeply about their actions will be a significant element of the programme.


Our Commando Joe's project has been kindly funded by the Armed Forces Education Trust


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