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Gateway School Association

Your GSA needs you


What kind of events do we organise?

Typical events throughout the year include themed discos, treasure hunts, cake bakes plus the Christmas and Summer fetes … but we welcome new ideas too!


Where does the money go?

In the past GSA money has supported school trips, sports kits, library books, stopwatches, lunchbox racks, trim trail & climbing equipment, water bottles and more.


How often do you meet?

Generally once a month during term time we meet to plan events and coming up to a big event like a fete we meet more frequently to ensure the project is progressing (are enough donations being received etc …) Meetings are informal, always involve tea & biccies and you’re guaranteed a laugh … we are an inclusive, light-heartedly bunch!


How much commitment is expected?

There is no firm answer here … as much or as little time as you can afford … we’re all parents too, most of us work and have partners who are frequently away, so if you can’t make a meeting or an event here or there then that’s fine – we’re all in the same boat and we do what we can.

Parental support is vital to our continued success. Last year we raised just short of £5,000 for the school and we’d love to exceed that target this year.


GSA planting event at school February 2022