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Gateway Primary School – Curriculum Intent


The curriculum at Gateway Primary School is bespoke for our children because it:


Builds on a sense of belonging and community, developing children’s roots – firstly within a classroom, throughout our school and then within the wider community, helping children form a sense of where they are from.

Enhances our children’s understanding of opportunities within and beyond a military lifestyle - linking historical and current issues of interest to our children and their families.

Creates links between school and home – families learn together and share their discoveries, creating a love of learning.

Embraces a whole school topic approach, learning as a community, celebrating and sharing successes together.

Offers rich, hands on experiences through trips and visitors, making school a place they want to be, all day every day.

Invests in our children’s unique starting points, culture capital and out of school interests, developing a true sense of each individual child, fundamental to building strong relationships.

Develops the emotional skills to thrive in a society with lots of transition, learning to welcome new members, embracing our strengths and differences, as well as compassionately saying goodbye and engaging in change and progress.



Building a sense of community.

Developing a love of learning.

Sharing success.






Curriculum Calendar 2020-2021

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