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Year 5 and 6

Welcome to Year 5 and 6, the Toucans, Eagles and Peacocks

Staff in our phase


Mrs Thomas (Eagles Class), Mrs Coumbe (Toucans Class), Mrs Davies and Mrs Binnian (Peacocks Class) are the teachers in our three classes. We also have a team of teaching assistants who help us with our learning: Mrs McGary, Mrs Shepherd, Ms Barker and Mrs Strongman. 

How we learn


In Year 5 and 6, we enjoy learning throughout the school day, which is based upon our topic. We take part in different types of activities within and outside the classroom. During the school year we particularly like visitors in our classrooms and going on school trips. Year 6 children will be looking forward to their residential trip at Yenworthy Lodge.  We also take part in a variety of sporting tournaments, with other local schools, where we always display our outstanding sportsmanship. 


Our school day includes guided reading, maths and English lessons in the morning. In the afternoon we learn the foundation subjects and finish with a class story. During the day we like times table rockstars, which enables us to learn our times tables and listen to music at the same time. 


Our learning is successful because we learn together as a team and we have a positive attitude. We revisit our learning and make links, so we can remember our new knowledge and skills. 

What we are learning this year


Topic 1 - Where are my roots?

During this topic, we will be getting to know each other and learning about our own family history. We will also be learning about evolution in our English and science lessons. Our texts for this term are: Moth by Isabel Thomas and Danial Egneus, and Boy by Roald Dahl. 


Topic 2 - What is happening to the Amazon Rainforest? 

During this term, we will be learning about the rainforest habitats and how we can look after them. We will be finding out about rainforests in different subjects and making links between the different lessons. 

UKS2 Knowledge Organiser - We are conservationists

Topic 3 - What is in space? 


During this topic we will be learning about the Earth, Sun and Moon. We will also be finding out about other parts of our galaxy and the history of space exploration. In English, we will be watching a space film and reading George's secret key to the universe by Lucy and Stephen Hawking. Our other topic learning will include, Star Wars computer coding and making moving moon buggies. 

Knowledge Organiser - We are voyagers

Topic 4 - Why is Oxford famous? 


During this topic, we will be learning about Oxford to link with our school theme ‘We are citizens’. In our history lessons, we will be looking at primary and secondary historical sources to produce our ‘Living Museum’. We will also be learning about J.M.W.Turner, Philip Pullman and C. S. Lewis, who have connections with Oxford, in art and English lessons.

Knowledge Orgainsers - We are citizens

Topic 5 - What made the Egyptians unique?


During this topic we will be learning about The Egyptians to link with our school theme ‘We are explorers'. In our history lessons, we will be finding out about the Egyptian civilization and even carrying out the process of mummification! We will also learn a dance, write in hieroglyphics and produce Egyptian artefacts in clay. In science and computing, we will compare lengths of day in UK and Egypt and present this information using a spreadsheet. We will be reading several different types of texts, including ‘The secrets of the Sun King by Emma Carroll’.

Knowledge Organiser - We are explorers

Topic 6 - How can I keep growing healthy?


During this topic we will be learning about how to keep our bodies healthy to link with our school theme ' Healthy'. In our science lessons, we will be learning about how to have a healthy diet and we will be investigating how exercise effects our pulse rate. Furthermore, we will be learning about the importance of mindfulness activities. In our English lessons, we will be reading a book called 'The boy who biked the world by Alastair Humphreys' as a stimulus to writing a biography about a famous sports personality and journalist writing about a sporting event. In D&T, we will be refining recipes to make a healthy snack , such as fruit/vegetable kebabs or a fruit salad, which will include applying our mathematical skills. 

Knowledge Organiser - We are healthy