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Coronavirus catch-up premium

As a result of the global Coronavirus pandemic (Covid-19) all children missed a considerable amount of time in school and some continue to do so. The effects of this are yet to be fully understood but it is clear that for many children this loss of learning has had a considerable impact on both their academic progress and/or mental health and wellbeing.


To help mitigate this we have spent time monitoring and assessing the children's needs carefully since returning to full time schooling in September. Clear planning for addressing these gaps in learning and supporting children's wellbeing has been put into place.


The UK Government has provided access to a 'Catch Up' fund to help support this process.

We have received £12,090 with a further £8632 due in July - a total of £20,722. 


The school has prioritised spending in the following areas:


  • A full-time Teaching Assistant in KS1 to support targeted teaching of phonics, reading and writing. 
  • A full-time Teaching Assistant in LKS2 to support targeted teaching of writing, identified as a priority subject in early assessment and support good mental health and well-being.
  • A part-time Teaching Assistant in UKS2 to lead small group intervention for pre and post teaching support and support good mental health and well-being


This spending total was £22,239

Impact of COVID-catch up premium - May 2021. 


KS1 Teaching Assistant. 

The small group work and 1:1 work carried out by the teaching assistant in this department helped secure a phonics screening score of 82% for the year two cohort. The initial target was 78%. Improvements in teacher assessment for writing and reading are clear and supported by the extra adult in class. 


LKS2 Teaching Assistant. 

Writing levels in LKS2 were significantly lower than other subjects in December (yr 3 ARE 13.51%, yr 4 ARE 16.22%) and progress since has led to increased attainment in the Easter data drop. (yr 3 ARE 37.84%, yr 4 ARE 41.0%) Learning walks have documented the strong use of the teaching assistants to support both targeted group work and additional children in the class. The LKS2 Teaching Assistant lead targeted group intervention through recorded and live sessions during lockdown learning for those children who remained at home. 


UKS2 Teaching Assistant. 

Writing levels in UKS2 were also significantly lower than other subjects in December. (yr 5 ARE 5.71%, yr 6 ARE 2.44%) and progress since has led to increased attainment in the Easter data drop (yr 5 ARE 28.57%, yr6 ARE 41.46%)The consistent use of the teaching assistant across the phase to support the most vulnerable learners has ensured progress for all. The teaching assistant has also worked closely with a number of children with significant social and emotional needs, leading to them being more 'ready' to learn and able to take part in the lesson.