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Key Stage 1

In Key Stage One, we are passionate about providing our children with a lifelong love of learning and we want them to enjoy and challenge themselves in every aspect of the curriculum. We aim to immerse our children in our topics. We strive to choose rich, high quality text drivers for English lessons, which not only help the children learn new English skills but also engage them with the topics. We link the skills we are teaching the children to the topic areas, for example following directions to make a treasure map in Geography or using artefacts in History. Furthermore, we encourage creativity in subjects such as art and provide pupils opportunities to apply skills they have learnt. Where possible, we plan immersive trips or experiences to provide children with an exciting hook to the topic. 

We are a nurturing and supportive team and we hope your children leave Year Two with fond memories and a love for learning. 

Overview of Cycle B 2023-24