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For 2023-24 we will be working on 7 topics across the year.

Our topics link with our whole school themes.


Each of our topics is an outline, however the learning will be led by the interests of the children.

Hello - All About Me


During this brief  week topic we will be finding out about and settling into our new 'big school' lives.  We will be making friends, becoming familiar with our surroundings and will be settling into school routines.



We Are Invaders - Castles, Knights, Princesses and Dragons


During this topic we will be learning about people who lived or live in castles, and what it might be like to work  in a castle.


We might be looking at locations of castles in England and looking at some of the features of the castle buildings,


Using our imaginations we will be exploring some stories that take place in castles and hopefully meeting some of the characters from within them.



We are Time Travellers - Dinosaurs, teeth,  jaws  and claws! 


During this topic we are going to be exploring what it would have been like to live amongst the dinosaurs.  Did they all eat meat?  What did they like to do?  Could they swim?  Did they live in England?   We will be finding out what happened to the dinosaurs




We will think about Remembrance and could go to visit the War Memorial.


We Are Investigators -  A World of Once Upon a Time


We will be looking closely at fairy tales and story settings for this topic as we explore a whole world of Once Upon a Time.   We will be comparing traditional and modern versions of some of the more familiar stories and will be developing our own use of story language..

We will be using story book language and could visit the Library. 

During this topic we will be having our own World Book Week - which will coincide with World Book Day


We Are Environmentalists  - In The Garden


How do things grow?  What lives beneath the soil?  What is an insect? 

These are some of the questions that we will be aiming to find an answer to as part of this topic.

We will be exploring plants and creatures who live in the garden.

During this topic we will have little visitors in the classroom and will be planting our own vegetables.


We are International  - Around the world in 35 days


We will be exploring countries and food  around the world.   We will be learning about some of the traditional dishes from countries around the world as well as finding out about the weather, the location, flags and landmarks.  

  We will be exploring treats and healthy snacks as we express likes and dislikes.

We will be planning our own minibreak adventure! 




This is our final topic of the year, as we make our preparations to move into KS1.  We will be getting to know our new teachers, we will be saying ' See you soon' to our current teachers and we will be preparing for our next adventure at school.