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Year 1/2

Key Stage 1 - Years 1 and 2

Mrs Naworynsky - Penguins

Mrs Barker - Robins

Miss Bywaters - Parrots

Miss Bucknell - Sparrows.

We have been continuing learning about the circus this term and have been looking at different aspects. Year 2s are looking at poetry with the objective being to write a circus poem of their own. Map skills have been learnt and the children have produced their own maps using a key.

Year 1 Penguins and Robins have been to the Forest for the last time and the highlight of the final visit was having a campfire and toasting marshmallows. This is very exciting for the children but it cannot go ahead if we do not get a parent helper. So parents of Sparrows and Parrots please let the class teacher know if you can join us or the class will not be able to go. Thank you in advance.

Parrots:  25th June, 2nd July
Sparrows:  9th July, 16th July

Big Write homework will still be given out on a Thursday and the children need to talk to you that evening about the topic they will be writing about on the Friday. This homework is very important asit does help your child produce a good piece of work. Encourage your child to think of 'wow' words, interesting phrases and punctuation and how can they make their work interesting to the reader. All these elements are needed to help your child move up a level in their writing.

Swimming for year 2s in Term 5 and 6. We have made a decision to alternate the swimming groups so your child will only go swimming every other week. This decision is because we do not always have enough adults to supervise the children and taking over 50 children made the sessions rushed and rather hectic. Now every child will have three quarters of an hour in the pool which will be better for all. You will be given a note telling you which Wednesday your child will be swimming but if in doubt just send their costume into school!

Please remember that boys need to wear close fitting swimming trunks and girls full swimming costumes and of course all children need a swimming cap.

Please could you ensure that your child has both their Games kit and PE kit in school on a Thursday as some weeks the year 1s will be inside and year 2s out and on other weeks it might be the other way round. Trainers are essential and either jogging bottoms, leggings and a sweat shirt.

If you have any questions please come in and ask.

PE Kit: These need to be in school at all times.

Games Kit Thurday: A tracksuit or jogging bottoms/fleecy top or equivalent are essential as well as trainers. Games will be outside every week unless it is pouring with rain.


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