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Homework for year 3 and 4

Homework is an important part of the school week.

We are going to be setting homework on a Wednesday for it to be handed in the following Monday.
We will alternate between literacy and numeracy homework, with a topic based project homework to last a term.

Homework for Monday 20th May

Have a look on and read an article which sounds interesting. When you have read it, make some notes in your homework book. Think about the facts and the most interesting information.

Homework due in on Tuesday 4th June

Next term we will be exploring the Ancient Egyptians as part of our Go Global topic. Your homework task is to research some unusual or interesting facts about the Ancient Egyptians. You may like to consider their pharaohs, their clothing or maybe some of the mysterious stories surrounding the pyramids. Write a paragraph about what you find out in your homework book. You can also include a picture if you would like.

Homework due in on Monday 15th July

Monday is the final deadline for your Ancient Egyptian themed, multiplication board game. We will play each others are peer review them on Monday afternoon. Well done to those of you who have already brought them into school. :-)