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Year 5 and 6

 Welcome to Year 5 & 6 - Term 4


Kingfishers - Mr Bell - Year 5

Toucans - Mrs Coumbe - Year 5/6

Doves - Miss Townsend - Year 6



The Curriculum

This term, our topic is WWII. 


Literacy - In our literacy lessons, we will be focusing our work around the topic  of WWII. This topic gives us a lot opportunities to link our writing to a variety of genres. For example, writing poetry based on the Blitz; writing letters as evacuees; writing from a soldier's point of view, fighting on the front line. Together, with  creative writing and reading comprehension.  


Maths - In our maths workshops sessions and our maths lessons we are learning about the measures, including length, mass, volume and time as well as percentages and fractions.  We will continue to practise our times tables weekly and learn mental math strategies.  .  


Science - In our science lessons we will be exploring how humans develop, from birth to death.


PSHE - In PSHE we will be focusing on the Seal scheme of work - 'Going for Goals.'


History - In history,  we will be learning about the events of WWII and researching how and where it started.  In connection with this, we have planned an exciting trip to the Steam Museum in Swindon, to experience how people lived during the war. We hope to have a V.E. Day celebration at the end of the topic. (More details to follow). Homework tasks, the children will be given opportunities to explore WWII related projects and can choose from a number of exciting activities to complete over the term. 


Music - We will be singing and playing musical instruments in our music lessons on Monday and singing in assemblies on Thursday with Mrs Jarvis. 


Art and DT -  This term we will be studying propaganda posters and designing our own posters. 


French - In French we are learning vocabulary based around locations. We will use songs and actions to help us remember them. 


RE - In R.E. we will explore the Hindu faith.


Computing -


PE - In P.E., all classes will complete outdoor and indoor sessions each week.  Indoor PE will be health and fitness and outdoor will be netball. Kingfishers will swim on Tuesday mornings until the end of Term 4. 



The children will be given their  homework on a Wednesday and it must be completed by the following Monday: 


-Times tables 

- Topic (optional) 

- MyMaths (electronic) 

- Reading (at least 4 x a week)

- Grammar and Punctuation (Year 6 only)


This may change slightly as we approach SATS for Year 6: more information to follow.


PE Days

Please ensure the children have their PE kits in all week to allow for changes in the timetable.

Children must have: black shorts, white t-shirt, trainers, suitable jogging bottoms and jumper for the colder months (not school trousers or jumper). 

If your child wishes to play sport at lunchtimes, please could you also provide an additional kit. 


Class Session 1 Session 2
Kingfishers  Monday - outdoor games.  Tuesday - Circuits
Toucans  Tuesday - indoor P.E. - Circuits Monday - outdoor games. 
Doves Thursday - indoor P.E. - Circuits Monday - outdoor games. 



Please ensure your child has a water bottle in school every day. It is their responsibility to keep it clean and filled. It is especially essential in this hot summer weather.


If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to pop in after school. 


Thanks for your continued support! 


The Year 5/6 Team