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Foundation Stage

Welcome to Foundation



Mrs Stone is the class teacher in the Ducklings and Mrs Scovell is the class teacher in the Chicks.

 Mrs Murray and Mrs Rice are working with us this year as well. .

Mrs Hathaway is with us on a Wednesday.


Term 5 


We are moving on to our new topic of In the Garden.  We will be thinking about the creatures and plants that might be in a garden, growing new plants, hatching minibeasts, listening to lots of stories and generally will be having lots of fun outside.


We have a very special visitor booked to come into school on the 8th of May, Jonathan (from Jonathans Jungle) will be bringing in some of his critter friends for us to meet, hold and learn about.   This visitor has been funded by the GSA so is a very, very special treat.


The children have also requested a garden party as part of our topic - we will send details when we have them.  This is likely to be in the form of a picnic.  We will keep you posted! 


This topic is usually a favourite with the children.  We do talk about keeping animals in their habitats and near to their families.  Children are strongly discouraged from transporting (or keeping) minibeasts.  We also talk about protecting flowers and keeping them alive for everyone to see.


The children will be continuing with their linked learning sessions from 8.45 until 9.05.  Children are expected to come into class and begin their independent learning. All of the activities are designed to be an opportunity for the children to develop and apply skills that they have been working on in class.

Please support us with these expectations, children should be encouraged to come into school quickly (and promptly) and to begin their learning  in a timely fashion. 

As we move closer to Year 1, it would be fantastic if the children could work on their organisational and independent skills when coming into their classes all  by themselves



Children are expected to complete homework ready for Monday and are aiming to read at least 4 times each week.  Anyone who reads at least 4 times during the week will receive a special sticker.  Children who receive a sticker each week for the whole term will receive a certificate at the end of term from Mrs Tout.


We will be continuing with our Phonics and Maths groups for our daily focused sessions 








Diary Dates


27th April - Ducks at Forest

1st May - Bank Holiday - SCHOOL CLOSED

4th May - Chicks at Forest

8th May - Jonathans Jungle Visit

11th May - Ducks at Forest

18th May - Chicks at Forest

19th May - Dress Down Day - £1 

23rd May - EYFS Assembly - Parents welcome (2.20pm start) 

24th May - EYFS Eye tests

26th May - Last day of term - School closes at 3pm






Please keep sending them in 



Please can we remind you that if your child is poorly they should not be coming into school, and if they have been poorly, needing to be sent home from school they should not return until they have been well for 48 hours. 

If your child is unable to come to school parents should telephone the school office.


If your child has any medication that needs to be administered in an emergency e.g inhalers - please send them into school and contact the office to complete the necessary paperwork.  This paperwork needs to be completed before the medicine is left in school



Please ensure children bring a jumper and a coat to school every day.  We are learning outside daily and suitable clothing is esential.  As the weather gets colder (and hopefully snowy) we will be going outside to play.  

There is no such thing as bad weather, just bad clothing.

The children need to have their wellington boots in school every day.

Gloves and hats are essential


Please make sure everything is named - some biro name labels have faded with washing over the past 2 terms !

Bookbags, reading records and reading books should be in school every day





If you need any further information or need to ask any questions please do not hesitate to contact Mrs Stone on  nsto6899@gateway.oxon.sch.uk or by speaking to a member of the team.

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Term 2 - Overview

Term 2

Term 2 1 Exploring the mud kitchen
Term 2 2 Autumn Leaf Art
Term 2 3 Numicon Sandwiches
Term 2 4 Investigative Maths
Term 2 5 My Snowman
Term 2 6 Diwalli Feast
Term 2 7 Diwalli Feast
Term 2 8 Diwalli Feast
Term 2 9 Diwalli Feast
Term 2 10 Diwalli Feast
Term 2 11 Diva lamps
Term 2 12 Diva Lamps
Term 2 13 Rangoli Patterns
Term 2 14 Rangoli Patterns
Term 2 15 Computer work
Term 2 16 Firework pictures
Term 2 17 Firework pictures
Term 2 18 Outdoor play
Term 2 19 Outdoor Play
Term 2 20 Outdoor Play
Term 2 21 Outdoor Play
Term 2 22 Outdoor Play
Term 2 23 Outdoor Play
Term 2 24 Outdoor Play
Term 2 25 Using money
Term 2 26 Forest School - leaf art
Term 2 27 Children in Need - Spotty maths
Term 2 28 Posting letters to Father Christmas
Term 2 29 Posting letters to Father Christmas
Term 2 30 Posting letters to Father Christmas
Term 2 31 Wriggly Nativity
Term 2 32 Wriggly Nativity - Angels
Term 2 33 Wriggly Nativity - Narrating Stars
Term 2 34 Wriggly Nativity - Wisemen and their camels
Term 2 35 Wriggly Nativity - Shepherds and their Sheep
Term 2 36 Wriggly Nativity - Dancing animals
Term 2 37 Wriggly Nativity - Mary, Joseph and the donkey