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Foundation Stage

Welcome to Foundation


Mrs Stone is the class teacher in the Ducklings and Mrs Jones is the class teacher in the Chicks.

 Miss Catt and Mrs Murray are working with us this year as well.

Mrs Hathaway is with us on a Wednesday.


Term 4

Thank you for your support with all of the events of Term 4.  World Book Day was amazing, the children looked fantastic in their costumes and we had a brilliant day (even if it was cut short  by the snow). Science week was great fun with lots of experiments, investigations, pops, whizzes and bangs!  Our visit to see the Crocodiles was lots of fun, we were all very brave and found out lots of new facts.


Thank you for your amazing efforts with our fundraising - our sponsored scoot raised over £700 which will be spent to make our garden even more exciting.




Term 5

Next term our topic will be  'In The Garden' 


In true EYFS fashion, term 5 is going to be a busy one.  We will be thinking about all things that happen in a garden.  We will be planting and growing, we will be finding out about some of the things that can be done in a garden and we will be learning about some of the creatures that live in the garden.


To get our  bug investigations off to a very exciting start we have arranged a special visitor to come into school (with some critter friends) during week 3.  We also have our EYFS assembly towards the end of term and will be ending our topic with an 'Ugly Bug Ball' for the children.


During term 5 we will be continuing to  start our days with some tasks which we will need to come in to complete.  Please encourage the children to head to their morning table and to make a start on their task.  In order to promote and develop our independent skills, we would like to challenge the children to start coming into class on their own (saying goodbye to grown ups at the gate)  They will need to organise themselves and make sure they have put their things in the right place.  Please help us with this challenge.




A  reading book will be sent home along with a reading record for parents to complete.  

If children are working with books from within our reading scheme they must do the work and complete the reading.

Children are expected to read at least 4 times each week.  Anyone who reads at least 4 times during the week will receive a special sticker.  Children who receive a sticker each week for the whole term will receive a certificate at the end of term .



Homework will be sent home on a Tuesday to be completed and handed back in on the following Monday.  These will be challenges to keep you all busy at home.  Please support us with these tasks to help your child extend their learning.


The children should be working towards being able to read and write the letters and words independently.


We have some very exciting dates in the diary already - Please keep checking back for more details and updates.


Diary Dates



19th April - Forest School - Ducklings

30th  April  - SPECIAL VISITOR 

26th April - Forest School - Chicks

3rd May - Forest School - Ducklings


10th May - Forest School - Chicks

24th May - EYFS Assembly - 2.20pm in the hall - Parents Welcome

25th May -EYFS Ugly Bug Ball




Please remember to send them in - we are creating a weekly display in our classrooms that show all of our amazing learning! 



Please ensure children bring a jumper and a coat to school every day.  We are learning outside daily and suitable clothing is essential.  Everyone needs to have Wellington Boots in school every day.

The weather is getting cold - gloves and hats are essential.


Please make sure everything is named

Bookbags, reading records and reading books should be in school every day




Please can we remind you that if your child is poorly they should not be coming into school, and if they have been poorly, needing to be sent home from school they should not return until they have been well for 48 hours. 

If your child is unable to come to school parents should telephone the school office.


If your child has any medication that needs to be administered in an emergency e.g inhalers - please send them into school and contact the office to complete the necessary paperwork.  This paperwork needs to be completed before the medicine is left in school



If you need any further information or need to ask any questions please do not hesitate to contact      

Mrs Stone on  nsto6899@gateway.oxon.sch.uk or by speaking to a member of the team.

Jolly Phonics Songs in correct order! (Letters and Sounds)

Jolly Phonics Letters and Sounds Teaching Sequence with ALL Grapheme variations

Term 2 - Overview

Term 2

Term 2 1 Exploring the mud kitchen
Term 2 2 Autumn Leaf Art
Term 2 3 Numicon Sandwiches
Term 2 4 Investigative Maths
Term 2 5 My Snowman
Term 2 6 Diwalli Feast
Term 2 7 Diwalli Feast
Term 2 8 Diwalli Feast
Term 2 9 Diwalli Feast
Term 2 10 Diwalli Feast
Term 2 11 Diva lamps
Term 2 12 Diva Lamps
Term 2 13 Rangoli Patterns
Term 2 14 Rangoli Patterns
Term 2 15 Computer work
Term 2 16 Firework pictures
Term 2 17 Firework pictures
Term 2 18 Outdoor play
Term 2 19 Outdoor Play
Term 2 20 Outdoor Play
Term 2 21 Outdoor Play
Term 2 22 Outdoor Play
Term 2 23 Outdoor Play
Term 2 24 Outdoor Play
Term 2 25 Using money
Term 2 26 Forest School - leaf art
Term 2 27 Children in Need - Spotty maths
Term 2 28 Posting letters to Father Christmas
Term 2 29 Posting letters to Father Christmas
Term 2 30 Posting letters to Father Christmas
Term 2 31 Wriggly Nativity
Term 2 32 Wriggly Nativity - Angels
Term 2 33 Wriggly Nativity - Narrating Stars
Term 2 34 Wriggly Nativity - Wisemen and their camels
Term 2 35 Wriggly Nativity - Shepherds and their Sheep
Term 2 36 Wriggly Nativity - Dancing animals
Term 2 37 Wriggly Nativity - Mary, Joseph and the donkey