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Year 1 and 2

Welcome to Key Stage 1

This year we have a brand new team working in KS1.


Robins - Mrs Scovell

Penguins - Miss Thorne

Parrots - Mrs Pereira


We are also supported by a wonderful team of Teaching Assistants

Mrs Nash, Mrs Shepherd, Mrs Brandaro, Mrs Summers and Mrs Hicks.

Remember Book Week is coming so get your costumes ready!

Term 3 - Local Explorers.


Wow what a busy term! It may have been short but we have crammed lots in. We had great fun investigating our own school for art, music and even maps. It has been very interesting thinking about how school life has changed over the past 100 years. We visited Carterton and found lots of interesting sculptures and building that we used to inspire our own leaflets about the town. The finally for this term has been the fantastic trip to Hill End where the children (and the staff) took part in den building, orienteering, code-breaking and problem solving. The children were a real credit and had a great time. Check out the photographs below.


We have also started using Twitter to share our experiences with you. We hope you are enjoying the tweets.


KS1 Christmas Play 


Tuesday 5:30 - 6:30 (Children back at 5:00)

Wednesday 2:00 -2:45. 

We are really looking forward to seeing you. 

Have a lovely Christmas. 

Term 2 2017


We have had a great start to Term 2 and our topic of 'Weather.' so far the children have learnt about different types of Weather and are looking forward to making their own weather gauges. We are also incredibly busy learning our lines for the Christmas production of 'Off to Bethlehem' and we thank you for your continued support with this. We have some exciting learning activities planned in the run up to Christmas and are looking forward to beginning the festive celebrations with the children. 



Science: Making a weather gauge and recording our weather forecasts (ICT link) 

Art/DT: Designing and making a Christmas Decoration. 

PHSE: Listening skills and friendships 

English: Poetry, Fantasy stories based on 'The Snowman' and instruction writing. 

RE: The Christmas story.

PE: Yoga and throwing and catching. 


We hope you all had a wonderful holiday and are looking forward to seeing you on

Wednesday 6th September.


* Please remember to bring your Holiday Scrap Books with you. *

We are really looking forward to sharing them.


Please come along to the "Meet the Teacher Meeting" on

Wednesday 13th September at 3:15 in the Robins Classroom.

We would love to see you.


Term 1 - Ourselves


We will be linking this theme into all areas of our learning.



The children will be learning about fiction and non-fiction texts. As part of their writing unit they will be looking at recounts, letters and fact files. We will be looking at the Author "David Walliams" and exploring his stories. If the children have any of his books at home we would love to share them.



We will be looking at "New Beginnings" and developing our self awareness, managing feelings and exploring empathy as part of our 'Relationship' unit. The children will be discussing positive learning behaviours and how we can work together to achieve them.



We will be learning about the artist Lowry and creating our own impressions of his work. We will create portraits of ourselves and others using a variety of different media.



The children will be exploring ways to use their voices expressively and discovering ways to use their voices to describe feelings and moods.  The children will develop skills of singing while performing actions, and create an expressive story.



In RE we will be exploring Christanity and how God wants Christians to look after the world.



Our science focus is on 'Animals including Humans'. The children will be looking at different parts of the body and exploring the five senses. We will also be finding out about what every animal needs to survive and notice the changes we go through from babies to adults. We may even have some special visitors.






Our PE this term will focus on gymnastics and dance. The children will develop their balance and variety of movement. We will be creating a dance to tell a story around the artist Lowry.


Please ensure that your child has a PE kit in school every week so that your child has suitable clothes for their two PE lessons. 

 PE slots are below. (Games times to be added)

Robins  - Friday and

Penguins- Monday and

Parrots - Monday and


We love reading!

Reading is part of our daily routine and is an important part of our children's development.

Look out for our exciting new  Reading Records which are filled with lots of helpful tips and encouragement. 

Reading Books and Reading Records will go home each night and we expect our children to read at least 4 times a week.  Remember this can be a reading book, shared reading, bedtime stories or even road signs and shopping lists! Please write in their reading records to show off your reading at home.


We encourage independence in Key Stage 1 and so would like the children to have some responsibility for changing their own books within their classroom. All staff will supervise this skill during term 1 until the children are confident changing their books.


Forest School

This year we will be including Forest School sessions in the curriculum. These sessions will be used to give first hand experiences of the seasons and nature, We will be building on the experiences gained from Year 1 and developing our skills. These sessions will run alongside Discovery sessions for Year 1 and Challenge sessions for Year 2.



Homework will be sent home on a Tuesday ready for the following Monday.  Each week children will have spellings and 'my maths'. This term we have set an optional topic homework with fun and creative activities related to our learning.  This is an opportunity for the children to show case their other skills and also involve our families to share our learning. The children will be rewarded with house points which will go towards achieving their bronze, silver and gold badges.


BIG Talk

Every Friday your child will have a BIG Talk homework. This will prepare your children for their independent writing during BIG Write. Please discuss their ideas over the weekend so that they are prepared for their BIG Write on Monday. We encourage the children to make notes, list ideas and draw story maps to aid their writing.


Water bottles

All children are able to bring their own water bottle into school .

This will help to ensure they drink enough water to stay hydrated and focused for learning.



2016 -2017


Mosaics 1

We have been learning about the story 'Whatever Next'

We've been making dream catchers!