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Pupil Voice

The most important people at Gateway Primary School are our pupils!


Their view on our school and their learning is an important part of how we cotninue to make changes and improvements. In February 2018, our School Advisory Team created a 'pupil voice questionnaire' for all our pupils to be able to share their thoughts and experiences of Gateway Primary School.


87% of our pupils said they enjoy school - with 78% saying it was FAB!


100% of the children asked said they learnt a lot in lessons:


‘It’s hard work – you learn more when it is harder.’

‘I have learnt a lot about space.’

‘I learn about different types of words like adjectives and adverbs.’

I learn new strategies for maths.’

‘In maths, I have learnt about measurements.’

‘I have been learning about Roman Gods.’

‘We learn a lot, every day.’

‘Our learning links to things we have learnt before, but moves on to more complicated things.’


100% of the children asked said their teacher knows what they need to work on next to improve:


‘They help us to get better with Think Pinks.’

‘The comments in my work tell me what I need to work on next.’

‘My teacher helps if I make mistakes.’

‘If I need help, she makes sure I work with her.’

‘She gives me challenges to push me further.’

‘She knows when I am not feeling confident so she gives me the right amount of work.’


Our School Advisory Team (SAT) is an important voice for our pupils. You can find their page on the 'Community' tab on our website.