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At Gateway Primary School we teach Literacy through phonics, GPS, reading and writing. EYFS and Key Stage One are taught phonics lessons (with a grammar focus in Year Two) and Key Stage Two are taught grammar, spelling and punctuation within their English lessons. Where possible, we teach through a book or text related to the current topic. We have Guided Reading sessions which vary between a whole class sharing a book and a carousel of activities. We encourage children to read as much as possible and want our pupils to have a love for reading. 


Please read with your children as much as you can, this does not always need to be their school reading book, they could:

Share a picture or chapter book.

Read a magazine or child friendly newspaper

Look at an article online

Children will receive rewards when they read 25, 50, 75, 100, 125, 150, 175 and 200 times at home. Please keep track of when you read with your child and note down the number of times they have read in their reading records. 


We also give out weekly spellings in Key Stages One and Two. 


If you would like to further support your child with literacy please take a look at the following websites: 


Thank you for your ongoing support.  

Phonics at Gateway