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The Curricula for Key Stage 1 (KS1 ) and Key Stage 2 (KS2) are carefully planned to ensure that children experience all aspects of the National Curriculum. The taught subjects are English, Maths, Science , History, Geography, Physical Education, Design Technology, Art, Music, and Computing. In KS2 French is taught as part of our modern foreign language curriculum. All classes also follow a program of study for Personal, Social and Moral Education. The school follows the Oxfordshire guidance for the teaching of Religious Education. Our curriculum is delivered through topics, introduced by a visit or visitor to give the learning a real-life, hands on anchor. Our pupil voice shows evidence that our children love learning. Their lessons are fun, engaging and full of interesting information. Our pupils enjoy their time at school because their teachers help them to improve. 


Children in KS1 and KS2 follow a two year topic plan to ensure a creative and exciting curriculum that can be explored through all curriculum areas. Please see the attached topic overview. 


Each of our class pages will detail the topics and curriculum in more detail for the term.


Phonics Scheme

We use an online resource called 'Phonics Play' to aid the teaching of phonics at our school.  Information about Phonics and this resource is available by clicking here. Phonics Play also provide an App for use on mobile devices and this can be downloaded here

check with your child's class teacher which phase to download for use at home.


Special Educational Needs & Disabilities Provision

We have a Special Needs Coordinator in school, Sarah Gardner, who is responsible for maintaining the register of children with Special Educational Needs. She liaises closely with class teachers. Parents are fully involved as soon as any specific need is identified, and are encouraged to work in partnership with the class teacher and special needs coordinator.


A termly review is held for all these children when parents will be informed about the individual education program their child is receiving. In addition children who have a Statement of Special Educational Needs (EHCP) will have that statement reviewed annually.


More Able and Gifted

At Gateway School, we celebrate all successes and excellence. Our 'MAG' children are identified by either their academic results or by recommendation by a class teacher. Also children are identified by sporting achievements outside of school. We offer a variety of experiences for these children, including 'challenge mornings; experience days and opportunities throughout the school to extend their talents.



At Gateway our homework has a primary skills focus. All children from Years 1 -6 have spellings and tables/number work every week. They are also asked to read frequently.  All classes also provide a terms worth of 'topic' activities, that can be completed and handed in to the class teacher weekly.  A homework book work aids communication between school and home. 

Please see our Homework expectations document at the bottom of this page following a recent review of homework.


Religious Education

Religious Education is studied in accordance with the County agreed syllabus. In addition to Christianity, three other world religions, Judaism, Hinduism and Islam are included.


Collective Worship

It is hoped that all children will take part in our two weekly assemblies. Monday's assembly shares a school value and a song. Friday's is a celebration of the week's accomplishments.


Parents have the right to withdraw their children from Collective Worship (and Religious Education) if they so wish, but a discussion with the Head Teacher is suggested before any decision is reached on this matter.


Educational Visits

Learning by first hand experience is of considerable value in education. With this in mind we involve the children in a wide range of visits designed to bring reality to their studies. We aim to offer a trip out or visitor in for each of the curriculum topics.


Year 4 are invited to attend a 2 night residential and year 6 are invited to attend a 4 night residential during the year. 


Homework Expectations