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Year 6

 Welcome to Doves


With Mrs Townsend and Mrs Masters


Expectations for behaviour

In Year 6 the children enjoy certain privileges such as sitting on the benches during assembly and having the opportunity to become Sports Leaders and buddies to the younger children in the school. With this comes responsibility and the expectation that their behaviour is an example to the younger children within the school. Furthermore, it is essential that each child in the class can focus in lessons and make good progress so that children end KS2 having met their potential. Any behaviour that detracts from this will be dealt with firmly and fairly. It is important to have a learning environment that is honest and open so that children are comfortable and able to speak up when there are any issues of understanding (for example). 


In addition, it is important that the children behave in a more grown-up and responsible way in readiness for the expectations of secondary school. 



White shirt/blouse

Black bottoms

A black sweatshirt / cardigan with school logo

Low-heeled shoes. 


PE Lessons 

Indoor -    Black plimsolls, white t-shirt and black shorts. 

Outdoor - Tracksuit and hooded top are acceptable during winter.

                Trainers should be provided for outdoor PE. 

                Studs will need to be removed for all PE lessons. If ears have been pierced, they will need

                to be taped so that they are protected. 

Swimming -Year 6 will be swimming on Tuesdays from 18th September until the end of Term 2. 

                All swimmers should wear an appropriate costume and a hat. No Bermuda short.

                If you would like your your child to wear goggles, please provide a permission letter.  



Please ensure your child has a water bottle in school every day. It is their responsibility to keep it clean and filled. It is especially essential in this hot summer weather.


The Curriculum

Term 2, our topic is Pompeii/Romans


Literacy - In our literacy lessons, we will be focusing our work around the topic  of Pompeii . This topic gives us a lot opportunities to link our writing to a variety of genres. We will also focusing on ensuring our punctuation is accurate. We will be reading "Eagle of the Ninth" a novel about Romans in England. We are starting to look at reading style questions for the stats and preparing for our grammar paper.


Maths - In our maths sessions we will be revising geometry. We will continue to practise our times tables weekly and learn mental math strategies.  


Science - In our science lessons we will be Planning different types of enquiries and researching Carl Linnaeus and how he classified living things.  We will be taking measurements using different types of scientific equipment.


PSCHE - In our sessions we will be focusing on the Seal scheme of work - 'Going for Goals.'


History - We will researching the Roman Empire.


 Music - We will be singing and playing musical instruments in our music lessons and singing in assemblies on Thursday with Mrs Jarvis. 


Art and DT -  In art we will be creating sketch books and recording observations.  We will be looking at great artists and designers in History.


French - In French we are learning vocabulary


RE - In R.E. we will explore how a Muslim shows commitment to God.


Computing -


PE - In P.E., all classes will complete outdoor and indoor sessions each week. 

This term we will be doing swimming and gymnastics. 


Growing up


A lot of growing up happens in Year 6! It is usually in this year that the transition into adolescence. 

In Term 6 the class will receive a visit from the school nurse who will talk them through the bodily changes they will go through and sexual relationships. this gives the children the opportunity to ask questions and for any misconceptions to be dealt with. 

However, as always, communication is key so please do contact the school with any information or concerns that you may have or feel that we should know. Your child will always be given support at school. 



At Gateway we want the children to reach their potential at the end of KS2 and achieve as well as they can. However, we do not want the children to become stressed and anxious about these tests! Therefore, whilst the children will be prepared for SATS and their progress monitored carefully throughout the year, what is most important is their love of learning continues to flourish. 

The school will provide extra support to the children who require it in the run up to the tests. The children will be assessed in Maths, GPS, Reading and in Term 6, Writing. The SATS take place in May and are done each morning over a week. 


The children will be given textbooks to use at home to support their learning - it is helpful for the children read the page relevant to the learning completed on that day. 




You can support your child by ensuring that they complete their weekly homework tasks to a good standard, read regularly and widely (at least 30 minutes a day) and ensure they have a good knowledge of their multiplication tables. 


Following these tests the children can look forward to the year 5/6 residential, Year 6 drama production and celebration of their time at the school!


Finally ...

My door is always open ... please do come and speak to me if you have any concerns ... so that the children can have a successful Year 6.