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Year 3, 4 and 5

Welcome to Year 3/4/5


Year 3 - Peacocks Mrs Davies and Mrs Gridley

Year 3/4 - Eagles Mrs Wells and Mrs Jarvis

Year 4/5 Kingfishers Mr Bell

Year 5 Toucans Mrs Coumbe


We have a wonderful team of teaching assistants working with us:

Mrs Nash, Mrs Collett, Mrs Smith, Mrs Masters, Mrs McGarry, Mrs Chadwick, Mrs Summers



Welcome to Term 1  - The Black Death


 We are excited to be learning together and have lots of exciting topics and work planned.


This term we are researching and learning about the Great Plague


Literacy - In our literacy lessons, we will be basing our learning around The kiss of Death book.


Maths - In our maths workshops sessions and our maths lessons we are learning about place value and number.  We will continue to practise our times tables three times a week using Times Tables Rocks and will also complete maths problem solving and mastery tasks.


Science - In our science lessons we will be exploring animals including humans. We will continue to work on our investigative skills - identifying a question, making a prediction and observing what happens.


PSHE - We will be looking at working together.


Humanities - We will be learning about the Black Death and how it affected Britain..


Music - Year 5 will be participating in the Lieder Festival.  We will be learning songs for the Harvest Festival.


DT - We will become designing a diorama.


French - In French we are learning numbers and greetings. We will be looking at some French picture books.


RE - In R.E. we will be looking at christianity.


PE - In P.E., all classes will complete outdoor and indoor sessions each week.  Indoor PE will be gymnastics and outdoor will be multi skills.  Toucans will be swimming every Tuesday.

Please ensure that your child has a PE kit in school every Monday as classes will have PE on different days.  The PE kit can be returned home on a Friday. This should include appropriate clothing for both indoor and outdoor.


All children can bring their own class water bottle into school to ensure they drink enough water to stay hydrated and focused for learning.


Homework will be sent home on a Wednesday ready for the following Monday return.  Each week children will have spellings to learn and a mymaths activity to complete online. There is also a topic homework with fun and creative things to do which is voluntary.

Children will complete weekly spelling assessments in a spellings books which will remain in school.


We will complete a BIG WRITE on a Friday each week which will be based on our literacy learning.  Big Talk homework will be given weekly so you can support your child's writing ideas with them prior to the session.


We love reading!

Reading is part of our daily routine and is an important part of our children's development. We would love our children to read at least 4 times a week.  This can be a reading book, shared reading, bedtime stories or even road signs and shopping lists!

Children's reading books and fantastic new reading records will go home with them each night so their home reading can be recorded. Please encourage your child to read a range of texts regularly at home.  Please take time to familarise yourself with the reading records.


Thank you


Dates for your diary:


13th September - Meet the teacher

28th September - McMillan coffee morning

3rd October - Harvest Festival










Camo afternoon 22nd June 2018

Camo afternoon 22nd June 2018 1
Camo afternoon 22nd June 2018 2
Camo afternoon 22nd June 2018 3
Camo afternoon 22nd June 2018 4
Camo afternoon 22nd June 2018 5
Camo afternoon 22nd June 2018 6
Camo afternoon 22nd June 2018 7

Sealife Centre Birmingham 18th June

Sealife Centre Birmingham 18th June 1
Sealife Centre Birmingham 18th June 2
Sealife Centre Birmingham 18th June 3
Sealife Centre Birmingham 18th June 4
Sealife Centre Birmingham 18th June 5
Sealife Centre Birmingham 18th June 6
Sealife Centre Birmingham 18th June 7
Sealife Centre Birmingham 18th June 8
Sealife Centre Birmingham 18th June 9
Sealife Centre Birmingham 18th June 10
Sealife Centre Birmingham 18th June 11
Sealife Centre Birmingham 18th June 12
Sealife Centre Birmingham 18th June 13
Sealife Centre Birmingham 18th June 14
Sealife Centre Birmingham 18th June 15

Building an Anglo-Saxon Settlement

Building an Anglo-Saxon Settlement 1
Building an Anglo-Saxon Settlement 2
Building an Anglo-Saxon Settlement 3
Building an Anglo-Saxon Settlement 4
Building an Anglo-Saxon Settlement 5
Building an Anglo-Saxon Settlement 6
Building an Anglo-Saxon Settlement 7
Building an Anglo-Saxon Settlement 8
Building an Anglo-Saxon Settlement 9
Building an Anglo-Saxon Settlement 10
Building an Anglo-Saxon Settlement 11
Building an Anglo-Saxon Settlement 12
Building an Anglo-Saxon Settlement 13

Cadburys World

Cadburys World 1
Cadburys World 2
Cadburys World 3
Cadburys World 4
Cadburys World 5
Cadburys World 6
Cadburys World 7
Cadburys World 8
Cadburys World 9
Cadburys World 10
Cadburys World 11
Cadburys World 12
Cadburys World 13
Cadburys World 14
Cadburys World 15
Cadburys World 16
Cadburys World 17
Cadburys World 18
Cadburys World 19

Corinium Museum Trip

Corinium Museum Trip 1
Corinium Museum Trip 2
Corinium Museum Trip 3
Corinium Museum Trip 4
Corinium Museum Trip 5
Corinium Museum Trip 6
Corinium Museum Trip 7
Corinium Museum Trip 8
Corinium Museum Trip 9
Corinium Museum Trip 10
Corinium Museum Trip 11
Corinium Museum Trip 12
Corinium Museum Trip 13
Corinium Museum Trip 14
Corinium Museum Trip 15
Corinium Museum Trip 16
Corinium Museum Trip 17
Corinium Museum Trip 18
Corinium Museum Trip 19
Corinium Museum Trip 20
Corinium Museum Trip 21
Corinium Museum Trip 22
Corinium Museum Trip 23
Corinium Museum Trip 24
Corinium Museum Trip 25
Corinium Museum Trip 26
Corinium Museum Trip 27
Corinium Museum Trip 28
Corinium Museum Trip 29
Corinium Museum Trip 30
Corinium Museum Trip 31
Corinium Museum Trip 32
Corinium Museum Trip 33
Corinium Museum Trip 34
Corinium Museum Trip 35
Corinium Museum Trip 36
Corinium Museum Trip 37
Corinium Museum Trip 38
Corinium Museum Trip 39
Corinium Museum Trip 40
Corinium Museum Trip 41
Corinium Museum Trip 42
Corinium Museum Trip 43
Corinium Museum Trip 44
Corinium Museum Trip 45
Corinium Museum Trip 46
Corinium Museum Trip 47
Corinium Museum Trip 48
Corinium Museum Trip 49
Corinium Museum Trip 50