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What our parents say

We are really lucky to have a community of supportive parents and carers. We are always happy to hear feedback from them. Here are some of the lovely comments we have had recently. 

November 2017 - parent questionnaire

In the five years that my children have attended Gateway the school has progressed amazingly well. It seems, at present, the leadership within the school is excellent and this is evident in the attitudes of the teachers and their teaching.

Thank you very much, and please keep up the amazing work.


Really happy with the school and the energy and effort of all the staff.


I think the school has a heart. Because of this the children feel happy and cared for. I love how the children are allowed to be comforted by staff. Thank you.


Such a lovely school, has helped my daughter a lot when she had a few struggles.


XXXX has thrived here since starting in September. We, as parents, are really happy with her progress in reading, writing and number recognition after just one term.


Both my children are happy at school. They have a good attitude to learning which is modelled by all the teaching staff.


We are also very happy with all aspects of the school.


Excellent variety of school trips and activities.


Teachers and school staff are always approachable and helpful and happy to discuss and respond to any concerns.

Great levels of support for children who are finding things difficult.


Excellent teaching led by an outstanding Head teacher. This school is going from strength to strength. My child could not be happier at school.


Gateway School just keeps improving! The teachers are fantastic, Mrs Tout is always happy to help with any concerns; even the office staff and caretakers are helpful, polite and friendly.


Our son has flourished since coming here in reception last year. XXXX is a fantastic teacher and an asset to the school.

Thank you for all the fantastic things you offer and for an outstanding setting.


Fantastic school with amazing staff who go above and beyond.


My son loves the school and I do too. As a parent I see lots of great things. Very happy.


Our boys enjoy the school. Daily they come home and tell us about their day. They love the extra-curricular clubs and sports activities. We are very happy with their progress at this school.



My children arrived half way through the term from a very small school overseas. After a few nerves they settled in really well and made friends. They are very happy here and always come home smiling.


Fantastic support and I have noticed such a change both in standard of work and happiness (of my child) in just a few short months.


XXX is learning so much at the moment and is enjoying his work, especially his writing. He takes a lot of pride in his homework. He loves ‘wake up shake up’. Since XXX has moved to Gateway he has come on leaps and bounds. We both feel it’s a fantastic facility and meets XXX needs.


Really enjoying school and seems to be happy with everything.


XXX has settled in so well at school. We are really pleased we decided to send him here.


We recently moved to the area, bur our experiences so far with the school have been great. Thank you for your efforts.


Since coming here XXX has come on with her learning so much more and she is so much happier now.


Very happy with this school and how my son has settled.


My children are very happy at Gateway School and enjoy their learning here. The teachers and staff are helpful, communicative and supportive. Thank you!


Great school, thanks for all your hard work.


Lovely school, very pleased with how well both boys are getting on.


My children are very happy at this school and feel very comfortable that they can approach a teacher with any concerns they have. Very supportive school.