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Safer Internet Day 2015

At Gateway Primary School we celebrated Safer Internet Day 2015 in lots of different ways.


The younger children found out about ways to stay safe on-line, they watched a cartoon about Lee and Kim, two characters who play games on the computer and come across some strangers.   The children  talked about what they would do if they were unsure about anything that they came across.


The advice they came up with was -

Tell an adult

Don't do online without permission

Don't tell anyone your personal information.


The children all made posters to advertise ways to be safe online.


In KS2 we thought about reasons for using the internet, ways of communicating and appropriate behaviours for using the internet.

The children all spent time discussing scenarios before making leaflets and advice guides for others about being respectful, and what to do if it all goes wrong.


Some children in KS2 used drama and film to record their ideas as well as storyboards and posters.


Every pupil at Gateway also made a SID2015 Pledge, of one thing they were going to do in future to be safe online.   We will revisit these soon!