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The Eco committee is made up of representatives from each class in KS1 and KS2.


We meet during lunchtimes and talk about how we can improve our school environment and look after our world.

During our meetings we have completed an Environmental Audit and have identified our priorities for this year.


We would like to - 


  • 1.  Reduce Waste

        We talked about the amount of rubbish generated in each classroom.  We would like to introduce a                scrap paper drawer in every classroom.   We would like to have recycling monitors in each class to help          ensure our waste paper is put into the correct bins.

       We were worried about the amount of plastic that we throw away each day.  We calculated that we are         throwing away over 10,000 straws each year by using milk cartons.   We are going to contact the milk             provider and ask for our milk to be provided in recyclable containers with beakers to drink from.


  • 2.  Reduce Energy Wastage                                                                                                                        We are concerned about the lights being left on in empty classrooms and equipment not being switched off when not in use.  We are going to take part in 'Switch off Fortnight.


  • 3.  Improve our gardens.                                                                                                                            We would like to use our school grounds to grow fruit and vegetables - which we could then use for baking (and raising money) to buy more plants for our gardens.  We will need to ask parents to help us with this project later in the year.


By completing our audit and creating our action plan we are working towards our ECO AWARDS.  We are hoping to receive our first award by the end of term 3!


We have a display board in the main corridor - have a look and see what we are up to 

(and how you can help us)